Customer Reviews

Over the years, we have had hundreds of customers praise our company and the quality of the products we produce. Below are customer's comments...

– George A. Ritter, Sr. CKD President

Last year at this time Roy and I decided to forfeit a cruise to invest in a new kitchen. You were so patient as you proceeded to visit our home and give us a potential design for “the kitchen of our dreams.” Your creative design to maximize the use of our space captured our hearts and our finances. As we celebrate a new year and Valentine’s Day, we want to let you know how pleased we are with the design and the fine quality of your product. There has not been one visitor to our home who has not commented on your design as well as the fine quality of wood. Many thanks. We’ll enjoy it for a lifetime.
– Roy and Ellen Prior

The kitchen design and the workmanship of the cabinets are absolutely terrific!!!!! The coloring of the cabinets is wonderful!!!!!
– Ray & Nancy Lindquist

We are very happy with the results and we will enjoy all of your good work. Thank you so much for all your valuable input in the design and for your continued assistance throughout the project. We truly appreciate all that you and others at Knight have done for us.
– Vivian & Linda

My husband and I agreed that we had to write and thank you. We purchased our beautiful new kitchen cabinets from you and took delivery in April for our new addition. My husband and a friend of ours, who has hung cabinets before, hung them last week. The results were great. Our friend said that he has never worked with cabinets that were so nice. Relatives and friends that have been watching the work in progress think the results are beautiful and we fully agree. We are so pleased with the great help you were to us, answering any questions we had, changing floor plans and your patience. We recommend you highly to anyone who asks questions about our cabinetry. Thank you again for all your help. It is certainly appreciated.
– Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Parizo

I absolutely love my kitchen. Thank you so much for all your time and hard work in making it “perfect.” Please feel free to give my name as a future reference. The cabinets are beautiful!! Thanks for the layout and all the great ideas.
– Violet & Tim McNerney

This is a thank-you note for our beautiful new kitchen. Now that we’ve been using it for a year, we feel settled in and have enjoyed all the counter space and the great planning you did for us. The design of the kitchen island and the seating has turned out to be the favorite visiting center for family and friends. And the beautiful cabinets and under-cabinet lighting make using the kitchen pleasant and enjoyable. Your design and the quality workmanship by your team really works well for our home. Thank you.
– Fred & Betty Lou Shirley

I would like to let you know how pleased we have been in all our dealings with your company. The cabinets are every bit as lovely as we had hoped. They are fine furniture indeed. We are especially grateful to your designer who helped us every step of the way. He was informative, courteous, patient and willing to go the extra step. Please extend our thanks to all.
– Maryann Hanna

A note of thanks to you for my kitchen in our “retirement nest.” Moving from a large home which provided me with ample storage was a big concern to me. Friends are pleasantly surprised when they view our new, well designed and beautiful kitchen. Thanks to all involved in making it happen.
– Eleanor Menzer

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the superior quality of our Knight’s Kitchen. It’s been two and a half years, and we have never been more pleased with the result of the design and durability of these cabinets. We’ve compared our kitchen to others that were done at the same time, and theirs are certainly showing wear and tear of having children in the home. Everything in ours is just as solid as when it was first installed. Thank you.
– Michelle Randall

With the holidays behind us, I finally have a moment to write a note of great thanks for all your efforts in the kitchen of my dreams. Having “lived” in it for just over a month, I can safely say that all of my sleepless nights were in vain. It is hard to believe that without structural changes in the walls we have a room which is infinitely more functional than the former kitchen. Please convey our appreciation to all those at Knight. Many, many thanks!
– Norene Johnson

It is a pleasure to recommend Knight Kitchens. The Knight designer has helped us in every aspect of planning the design of our kitchen. We live in a one hundred-year-old Victorian building. This once single family home is now five separate units. The building has maintained its unique style with cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors and large double hung windows. Knight thoughtfully and professionally included all the special features of our home in helping design the style and layout of our kitchen. The results are not only a very practical use of the kitchen, but with extraordinary beautiful cabinets and counter space which fit very elegantly in our Victorian home. I highly recommend Knight Kitchens.
– Terry Case

I want to thank you and tell you how pleased we are with our new kitchen “furniture.” That’s the only way to describe the fine cabinetry after all the compliments from our friends. We are especially pleased with the cooperation, immediate response time, and professional way small problems were resolved. From the very first meeting and factory visit, I had that gut feeling that everything would go well – and it sure has. My compliments to all at Knight.
– Liz & Murray Stern

It is truly the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen.It belongs in your advertisements.
– Foy Cooley

Thank you again for making us an amazing kitchen!
– Betsy Collier

To Knight Cabinets:Just a short note to say Thank you for my cabinet doors!They look so beautiful and I am telling everyone about you guys.
– Luanne Petrone

We recently re-did our kitchen with Knight Cabinets in cherry wood and are very happy with the result!The cabinets are quite well crafted and should last a lifetime (if I can keep my kids away from themJ) I recommend your company to my friends and family.
– Michele Falcey

I’d like to thank you for all your help and guidance.The cabinets were so perfect that Robert and I installed them in 1.5 days!It was so easy, and the engineers thought of everything.We’ve received so many compliments on the cabinetry, especially from the inspectors and countertop crew.And I love my new kitchen (especially the layout – Robert and I can both cook now without tripping over each other).Thank you so much for all your help, and I’ll continue to refer anybody and everybody (that’s doing a kitchen remodel) to you folks!
– Denise G.

Mary and I are exceedingly delighted with our new kitchen.Our overall design (mudroom – laundry – kitchen space) has proven to function exactly as we hoped it would.Your cabinet layout is perfect.The quality of the cabinets has been the envy of all countertop, plumbers, and appliance people who have worked in the kitchen.In fact the woman we used for countertops said she has never seen factory production cabinets of such quality.Everything about the kitchen, from the incredible beauty of components, to the functionality of the space, to the sunshine that illuminates the space, is simply magnificent!
– Mary and Russ Durling